Northampton County North Carolina was established in 1741 and is embraced by the Roanoke and Meherin Rivers. Our lush farms, massive forests and quiet rivers offer much to our 22,000 residents and thousands of visitors that visit our area each year. We are home to numerous golf and hunting clubs, fishing tournaments and historic walking tours. Whether you are a resident of northeastern North Carolina, a regular visitor or a potential resident, we are glad you stopped by.

Lake Gaston is loaded with family entertainment. Boating, fishing and water sports. Rental property is available. Lake Gaston is roughly 35 miles long and covers over 20,000 acres with 350 miles of shoreline. The area surrounding the lake is home to more than 150,000 residents. Located between I-85 and I-95.

The river is home for Black Bear, River Otter, White Tail Deer, Bob Cats, Beaver, Mink and WildTurkey. There are 200 bird species including Bald Eagles, owl’s, and Osprey. A Bird Watchers Paradise.

Jackson is the kind of place where you will find Ice Cream Suppers, Afternoon Teas, Church Bazaars, old fashioned Market Days and a quaint village atmosphere. Change has come slowly to Jackson. Here the fabric that once held all small communities together still remains intact. The local grocery store and butcher, barber shop, 5 & 10, and community restaurant are still very much a way of life. We honor the past in the present. The heroic courthouse and timeless square and the stately old homes whisper of the rich and romantic days of the Antebellum South.

This unusual assemblage of plant species is thought to be a remnant from the ice age some 220,000 to 400,000 years ago. The preserve's high-base soils and terraced slopes, with angles of 15 to 35 degrees, enable these unique species to thrive here.

Large numbers of breeding neotropical migratory birds can be seen throughout the Roanoke River floodplain in the spring and summer. Prothonotary warbler, Louisiana waterthrush, American redstart, and the rare cerulean warbler are some of the neotropical migratory songbirds that nest at Camassia Slopes. The preserve is also a good spot to see wild turkey.