The Northampton County Museum is dedicated to preserving and protecting the history, material culture, and heritage of Northampton County from prehistoric times to the present. The museum is not just a repository for artifacts but a working, educational, interactive museum providing opportunities for young people to experience firsthand knowledge.

In late July 1863, the Union army made several advances towards Weldon, intent on destroying the railroad bridge over the Roanoke River. Confederate reinforcements rushed from Petersburg, Virginia, to counter the threat. On July 26, 1863, Union forces crossed Potecasi Creek, quickly pushing aside the Confederate defenses posted to stop them. Two days later, a portion of the Union troops clashed with Confederate forces commanded by Brig. Gen. Matt W. Ransom at Boon’s Mill. 

The Town of Conway elected to purchase the track of land adjacent to the town hall with the plans to honor our service men and women with a memorial. Like most Americans we are very proud of those that have fought to provide the freedoms we enjoy everyday and want to also honor those that are currently putting their lives on the line to keep us free and safe.

NORTHAMPTON COUNTY - From the side of HIghway 158, only feet from the histoncal marker honoring the horse, you can see down the gravel road that leads to what was once Mowfleld Plantation. The original house, with its striking second-floor balcony that was the subject of a Hopper watercolor still sits at the end of the path, now a private residence.

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