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The Town of Conway elected to purchase the tract of land adjacent to the town hall with the plans to honor our servicemen and women with a memorial. Like most Americans we are very proud of those that have fought to provide the freedoms we enjoy every day and want to also honor those that are currently putting their lives on the line to keep us free and safe.

In an effort to move forward with our plans to honor the men and women of our armed forces, the Town of Conway is pleased to announce our commemorative brick program. This program will honor veterans, men and women serving now, businesses and civilians by recognizing children, grandchildren, marriages, etc.

The Veterans Memorial Park Committee has chosen two types of bricks to help provide the fundraising needed to construct this memorial. Brick option #1 is for civilians and businesses you may wish to honor. The 4" x 8" bricks will be light gray in color. Option #2 a 8" x 8" medium gray brick will contain the name and military insignia of the honoree.

Option #1 $100.00

Option #2 $150.00

Each brick placed in the park will be laser engraved with the honoree's name and military branch insignia and strategically placed in the park to assure they are visible to anyone visiting the park. The Town of Conway is excited about this program to honor our veterans. This small token of our appreciation is a permanent way of recognizing those whose service has meant so much to us all.

If you would like to show your support by honoring a serviceman or woman or someone special please consider this program.

The order form for the bricks can be found here. (PDF)

Don't have Adobe PDF? Click here to get it!

To donate on a larger scale you may do so by contacting the town hall:

Town of Conway Veterans Memorial Park Commemorative Brick Program
P.O. Box 365
Conway, North Carolina 27820
Phone# 252-585-0488 Fax# 252-585-0272

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.