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Heritage Tourism

Explore our rich heritage while visiting Northampton County NC

Northampton County, NC features building murals painted by artists Napoleon Hill and Penny Beasley.

Napoleon Hill Art

Napoleon Hill paints murals on buildings in Northampton County, North Carolina. His art reveals historical aspects of eastern North Carolina.

sir archie napoleon hill jackson nc

Sir Archie painted on The Northampton County Museum in Jackson, NC

northampton county courthouse in jackson nc

Northampton County NC Courthouse painted on the Futrell Pharmacy building.

conway nc napoleon hill mural art

Conway painted on building located at the corner of Rt. 158 and Rt. 35

Woodland painting located on wall of Town Hall

Woodland mural located on Wall of Town Hall

Garysburg painting located on wall of Garysburg Community Center

Woodland mural located on Wall of Town Hall

Penny Beasley Art

Penny Beasley has painted murals on the sides of buildings in Woodland, NC.

Woodland mural by Penny Beasleybr />Woodland mural located on building owned by Charles Vaughn, Attorney. Painted by Penny Beasley

Woodland mural by Penny BeasleyWoodland mural on warehouse on Rt. 35. Painted by Penny Beasley