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Heritage Tourism

Explore our rich heritage while visiting Northampton County NC
Garysburg United Methodist Church and Cemetery

The Garysburg United Methodist Church and cemetery are situated in the small community of Garysburg (1980 census population 231) on a one and a half-acre lot slightly removed from the main thoroughfares. l The serenity of the site is further complemented by a grove of mature shade trees, and the cemetery spans out to each side and to the rear of the church itself.

Penny Beasley has painted murals on the sides of buildings in Woodland, NC.

Penny Beasley mural painting in Woodland, NC of UNC Chapel Hill

Woodland mural located on building owned by Charles Vaughn, Attorney. Painted by Penny Beasley.

Penny Beasley mural painting of Woodland, NC

Woodland mural on warehouse on Rt. 35. Painted by Penny Beasley.

Northampton County Museum

The Northampton County Museum is dedicated to preserving and protecting the history, material culture, and heritage of Northampton County from prehistoric times to the present. The museum is not just a repository for artifacts but a working, educational, interactive museum providing opportunities for young people to experience firsthand knowledge.

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The Town of Conway elected to purchase the tract of land adjacent to the town hall with the plans to honor our servicemen and women with a memorial. Like most Americans we are very proud of those that have fought to provide the freedoms we enjoy every day and want to also honor those that are currently putting their lives on the line to keep us free and safe.